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Finding your next job starts with

a personal guide.

Identify your next career goal, and learn how to get there

With the help of the Skillsup platform, many users have succeeded in formulating their next step in their careers. Our platform helps our users maximize their potential and make the right decisions, for success in the new career world.

Our Users

K.Singer, Welfare Manager

Skillsup platform is amazing and wide in its content, it's designed personally for anyone looking for their next career challenge. I discovered Skillsup’s best lecturers and mentors, and felt grown, developed and more educated. 


O.Chakarov, Customer Success

My personal experience from the platform was simply above and beyond all expectations!
The platform took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do much more in my career promoting process. I learned to know myself better and learned what I want from my career.


S.Guterman, Operation Manager

The feeling that there’s someone else who’s committed to your job search process as much as you are is very important. I think it played a big part in being able to stay motivated through this journey of my career search. I feel that the Skillsup Platform has played a significant part in getting me the job that I so desperately wanted.


E.Sherman, Project Manager

I’ve started using the Skillsup Platform at the perfect timing for finding my next professional challenge. From the first communication with the team, it was clear to all that the platform was built and led by professionals. Using Skillsup improved my day to day job search experience.

Our users gives us (almost) 10

Our users rated us with a score of 9.6 out of 10 (According to a Satisfaction Survey).

The Platform
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Group Discussion

SkillsUp is a customised career coach that will help you achieve your next career goals.
The platform was developed in collaboration with international experts from the industry, in order to provide an innovative service that will accompany you between all the important milestones and will give you the tools needed to reach your Career goal!

Get your

career boost,




  • Personalized training path, that will lead you to your next job.

  • Professional guiding based on an innovative A.I.

  • Personal career management tools 

  • Daily practices to reach your potential

Career Development

  • Create a professional network that works for you.

  • Generate an effective CV.

  • Build your branding.

  • Boost your professional social profile.

Professional Sessions

  • Sessions with leading lecturers

  • Introduction with the jobs of the new Career World

  • Learning the skills needed in order to succeed in your career.

  • Preparations for HR interviews

Strategies for Success 

  • Strategies to reduce lack of job experience 

  • Get hand-on experience before getting hired.

  • Strategies for successful Zoom Interviews.

  • Tools for success in Career searches.

  • Take part in Skillsup Professional Communities.

Your personalized journey includes

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Identifying your skill gaps and creating your personal training program.




Exercises for personal and practical work, along with the use of practical tools in order to manage the process.




Professional video sessions for Career Development, vocational guidance and training with the best experts and lecturers.




Professional community that enables discourse of exposure and support on various topics.

How much does it cost?

It’s important to us to keep the service available for you and for as many people as possible, so we were able to keep an Affordable cost, designed to cover the costs

$7 / month  $14 (50% off)


(billed annually at $84 USD)

✓ 7-days free trial.

✓ Personalized training program.
✓ Unlimited access to content.
✓ Join the elite Skillsup community.

50% Off

Our mentors and lecturers come from leading companies in the career world

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About us
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