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Let's transform your career.

Skillsup provides you with a roadmap, coaching, tools, and community to pivot into a new career in tech.

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Hundreds of career changers used Skillsup to land jobs at

What is Skillsup?

We're an all-in-one platform that guides you through the career change process. Our goal is to give you clarity on where to best position your current experience, what skills to acquire, and confidence as you begin your new job search.

1. Discovery

  • Discover new career opportunities.

  • Learn about various roles in the modern organization.

  • Generate an effective resume.

  • Build your personal brand. 

  • Boost your professional LinkedIn profile.

  • Acquire job search tools.

  • Gain techniques and daily practices to track your progress.


2. Personal skills map

  • Receive a personalized training plan, toward your next career goal, based on an innovative AI.

  • Personal career management tools.

  • Personalized list of skills needed in order to prepare for your new career path.

3. Go-to-market

  • Expand your professional network.

  • Request and land informational interviews.

  • Prepare for recruiter interviews.

  • Rehearse for Zoom interviews.

  • Strategize to address experience gaps. 

  • Gain hands-on experience before getting hired.

  • Engage with Skillsup communities.


The Skillsup community 


Faster to find a great job

(*using control group data)


Average satisfaction score 

Skillsup played a significant part in getting me the job that I so desperately wanted.

Shir Guterman,

Operations Manager

How does it work

Skillsup platform

Online platform for career development; Set weekly goals through guided trainings, short videos, interactive tools and simulations. Available anytime, anywhere!

Examples include:

Learn to make your resume impactful, set your vision and goals, interview successfully over zoom, stand out through your story, and succeed at your home test.

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My personalized journey

Get to your next career goal through a data-driven personalized journey tailored to your wants and needs.

Examples include:

Identifying your strong skills, Understand the new roles, Learn how to Reduce experience and knowledge gaps toward your desired role



Join the community to gain insight and connections from current and past participants supporting you along the way.

Examples include:

  • Work together on creating an effective LinkedIn profile and your self-branding.

  • Get a Support system to share ideas, receive feedback, and motivation.

  • Network of like minded, career focused individuals.



That one slot in your calendar that keeps you going. Get real-time mentoring and meet with inspiring industry leaders to boost your motivation.

Examples include:

Weekly mentoring toward your weekly goal, Skillsup productivity methods, Build your self-branding, Networking and personal requests


How much does it cost?

It’s important to us to keep the service available for you and for as many people as possible, so we were able to keep an Affordable cost, designed to cover the costs

Join now at Early Bird price

50% Off

$87  (save 50%, regular price $174)
For 3-months access

✔️ Self-paced coaching curriculum to pivot your career and uplevel your job search skills.
✔️ A career journey map, customized to your unique set of skills and interests.
✔️ Career, job search, and interview advice from experts in the tech industry.
✔️ Weekly access to and support from a peer community.

✔️ Free cancellation within the first 7 days.

  • How much does it cost and what is the cancellation policy?
    A 10 week subscription costs $87. We believe that finding a new job shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we developed a technology that can provide you with the best possible experience and results at an affordable price. Every Skillsup user has a free 1 week trial period. You can pause your subscription at any time.
  • What types of training sessions are there and is there a syllabus?
    At Skillsup, we are experts in employability training, providing the tools and strategies to expand your career growth opportunities. This includes resume strengthening, storytelling, networking, personal branding, and any additional strategies needed to reach your career goals. We prepare our users to reach any and all fields in the tech industry. There is a consistent structure of: Understand → Identify → Acquire (new skills) → Practice. However, every journey is different and we personalize your experience accordingly.
  • Who is Skillsup a good fit for? What if I’m not interested in the tech industry?
    Skillsup methodology can help anyone who is interested in strengthening their employability skills. Our focus is toward anyone who is looking for a career change either to or within the new world of work - That being said, the new world of work is technological and there is a high demand for people from all backgrounds, even with no experience.
  • Do I have to have tech experience or background?
    Absolutely not! The new world of work is seeking people from all different backgrounds, with all different experience and Skillsup mission is to expand the pool of talent with amazing people.
  • Who is a part of the community and who are the experts?
    The Skillsup community includes all Skillsup active users, Skillsup alumni and additional industry experts from top companies in varied positions in the tech world.
  • Who is the Skillsup team?
    Skillsup was founded by a group of tech entrepreneurs, experts and managers whose mission is to help great people to find exceptional jobs in the tech industry. We believe that everyone can have a successful career change and we want to help as many people as possible succeed in landing the job of their dreams.

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Invest in your biggest asset.

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